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Huge Discounts for Early Adopters!

The Options are Endless

Okay, that's a lie, you only have 16 million different options.

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With our 0% for 24 months offer

Year-Round Holiday Lighting

With Sparq lighting, you will have the ability for permanent holiday lights. Completely change the look of your home right from your phone with your app-controlled LED lights, the perfect fit for any holiday occasion. 

Don't worry, you can personalize the colors for your own unique spin.


Accent Lighting

Obviously, not every day is a special occasion or holiday and when those days are here,

you can simply make your home look stunning with white accent lighting.

This same look that homeowners have been paying thousands of dollars for each year is now just a click away. 

Each light is spaced 9 inches apart, but with the easy-to-use app, you can pick

and choose the spacing creating a less busy look.


App-Controlled LED Lights

Through your personal app, you'll have over 16 million different color combinations for your home.

Don't worry if you're not as tech-savvy as your kids,

we make your app easy to use with available tech support post-install to all our customers.

Remember, you can change the spacing on the lights from your app as well. You'll be able to save all your favorite looks so you won't have to reconfigure anytime you want to go back to your top choices for the house.

Let's make Mrs. Jones Jealous

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