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Idaho's #1 Custom Lighting Provider 


Why Work with Us?

We are growing very quickly with over 100% growth from 2021 to 2022. This provides plenty of ability to move up within the organization and increase your income. We are not stingy, we want good people to work with us and will pay above average for good, hardworking people. 

We are always needing positions filled such as: Clerical work, Custom Light installers, and Salesman


We want to make this a great work environment so each individual is excited to come to work every day. As a small start up, each day is different and has a little twist so things don't become too mundane. We work hard when required, 


Being a small, family-owned company, we know the importance of treating people well. We believe that if we treat people well today, we'll be treated well tomorrow.


We back all our work with industry-leading warranties. We won't leave you hanging, just your lights.

Sparq Lighting

Why We Started

People attach themselves to holiday occasions because of the positive feelings they bring. Why not add to that positivity by lighting up the world a little more year round. We created Sparq Lighting as an easy way to get that holiday spirit back in action and have it spread into all holidays of the year.

Office employee

Administrative Assistant

Do you love organization? Making sure orders are filled? Being the company gatekeeper? Then look at a career with us. 

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Custom Light Installer

Do you like improving the esthetics of your home or car? Do you feel proud to show the before and after to your friends and family? Then you'd love working with us. We transform the look of everyday houses into something special. Clients faces at the finish is fun to see. We are most in need of employees for this position. We need strong leadership to help us grow.

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Signing a Contract

Account Executive

With the vast reach of our products and company reputation, we have leads coming in and plenty of referrals to make good income. Driven salesman will be making will over $100,000

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