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The Lights That Saved Christmas

Get your Custom Accent/Holiday Lighting Today

Why Should I Get My Lights Now?

Our Jellyfish lighting system is awesome, you will be able to use it year round, and not only for the year end Holidays. Be ready for any occasion with the click of a button from your phone!

If you think you are the first home in your neighborhood, or have no nearby neighbors that have our system, see if you qualify for up to 
$500 off your system! Promo Code: MH22

We give large discounts to those who install early in their neighborhood, because there is a huge difference that comes from actually seeing the lights in person vs a picture or video.



Also, let's keep in mind that the closer to Christmas we get, the more booked we become. Often times, once people call in September and October, we are already booked through the new year.


Be ready for any occasion with your Jellyfish Lights.

You can have adjustable accent lighting, Permanent Christmas lights, security lights, and all other holiday lights with the click of a button.

Our High Quality Permanent Holiday Lighting has Made Lots of Happy Customers.

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Due to High Demand:
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