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We get it

Martha Jones' house has been putting you to shame every holiday since she moved to the neighborhood with her little, white yapping dogs. Her house looks great every year, and the effort to put up Christmas lights just isn't worth trying to keep up with the Jones's. Now, many a holiday has passed with a dark gloomy home exterior simply because the cost, time, or effort was just too great to justify.


We love the holidays and our home just as much as the next person. So, we created a custom permanent lighting solution. The permanent holiday house lights will blend into the trim of your house so they can't be seen during the day.


You're choosing to put year-round holiday lights on the house because you don't want to deal with the hassle any longer. We understand that and will work hard to make sure you have a seamless and worry-free process. Pre and post installation.


They say, never do business with family, but Being a small, family-owned company, we know the importance of treating people well. We believe that if we treat people well today, we'll be treated well tomorrow.


We back all our work with industry-leading warranties. We won't leave you hanging, just your lights.

About Our Company

Here at Sparq Lighting, we've been in the residential services industry for over a decade, we love making your home the best place it can be. When we discovered the permanent accent lighting industry and the pain points it could solve, we sprung into action, excited to launch a whole new level of home service. We are a small, family owned company which allows us to control our quality.  We partner with the best product manufactures in the business to make sure you have top-notch products and warranties.


Year of Establishment

Boise, ID

Lewiston, ID

Twin Falls, ID

McCall, ID


Why We Started

People attach themselves to holiday occasions because of the positive feelings they bring. Why not add to that positivity by lighting up the world a little more year round. We created Sparq Lighting as an easy way to get that holiday spirit back in action and have it spread into all holidays of the year.

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