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Do it Yourself

If you're brave enough to try, we're brave enough to let you.


Measure out the areas on your roof you'd like to put your permanent holiday lights. 


Take plenty of pictures of the home and the underside of the eaves. (this will also help when deciding the type of track you will need)


Place your order. Also, good to consult with us before the final purchase.


Get product shipped directly to your home.


Installation day is here. Good luck :)


  1. Install the controller in your garage

  2. Run la low voltage wire from the controller to where the lights start.

  3. Connect the lights to the wire.

  4. Cut the metal track to fit the eaves.

  5. Place the lights in the track.

  6. Screw the track into the eaves.

  7. Test run.

More information on our YouTube

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