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Why 3-Diode is much better than 1-Diode Permanent Lighting

If you've ever wondered why 3-diode lighting is better than 1-diode lighting, the answer is simple: it's more efficient and lasts longer.

That's because 3-diode lights are designed to last twice as long as their one-dioded counterparts, which means that you'll have to replace them less often. And since we all know how expensive it can be to replace bulbs over and over again, this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Additionally, 3-diode lighting is much more energy efficient than 1-diode lighting because it uses less electricity per hour (which means smaller utility bills!). In fact, our 3-diode lights use 32% less electricity than those single diodes out there!

As far as the brightness goes? We've got you covered there too! Sparq Lighting is all about customization. We want to make sure your home is as unique and special as you are, and our Jellyfish Designer app lets you do just that. With this app, you can customize each individual light to be on or off as well as the color. And our 3-diode light makes it the brightest on the market for that custom look!


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